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The Annual Bicycle Day Parade:

Same bike-time! Same bike-date!

  • Who: YOU! Ecstatic dress encouraged !
  • When: April 19th, 2019 @ 12PM
  • Where: Your own home!
  • Why: Because we love FUN. And Bikes. And riding bikes. And not spreading plague!

Come one, come all, in wonder and joy! The annual Day is upon us once more, and it is our sacred duty to revolt against global panic with a healthy dose of reverie! In lieu of our annual bicycle gathering on Hippie Hill, and the subsequent 6+ hour ride through Golden Gate Park, we shall gather virtually and take a swim through a hodgpodge of streams.

We gather to celebrate the 77th year since Uncle Albert's extraordinary discovery, his first intentional dosing of the mind opening molecule gifted through him to all of us, straight from the Gods!

Care to host 30 minutes of the day? Apply by emailing your ideas to cassadysbrigade@gmail.com, only those planning the highest of low brow hijinx and most marvelously mischievous mayhem need apply.

This is a VIRTUAL Parade, from the comforts of your home dwelling, home exercise BICYCLES are the SAFEST way to ride together. Mayhaps you shall ride free (in PPE!) throughout your very own local neighborhood (remember- GRAVITY IS REAL, and so is this PANDEMIC), with your very own quaran-team!

Social Distancing...so HOT right now!

Instructions on how to port into the virtual parade will be made available..... later.

Celebrate your Sovereignty (while under government mandated lockdown)!
Celebrate your Liberty (while we still have some)!
Celebrate the Celebrating of Celebrations!

Take Excellent Care of Each Other

With Utter Sincerity
The Bicycle Day Parade